All Out Academic Program


Our mission is to provide personalized instruction that helps students increase understanding of subject matter, acquire positive study habits, and boost self-esteem.  We are dedicated to your child’s success.

Act and SAT Prep Classes
All Out Academics  provides both private and group ACT and SAT Prep classes that customize instruction to boost scores.  We can provide instruction for critical reading, writing, math, science, any combination, or a comprehensive review of all subjects – wherever help is needed.  We can also help you decide which test is best for your child.  All of our ACT and SAT tutors are not only certified teachers, but they are also internally certified to ensure that they are truly ready to go All Out for your child!

One on One
Personalized Instruction is one-on-one and tailored to meet your needs and maximize your scores and understaning. One-on-one tutoring enables the student to feel confident and secure. Students feel comfortable asking questions and instruction is at the learner’s pace, addressing the learner’s unique needs. Group Have a class project due with multiple partners? No problem! All Out Academic Coaches are ready to help your team succeed without wasting time. Laying out a game plan to follow out and capitalize on group ideas and structure is key. Our team will monitor groups guiding where needed.

Homework can be a daunting task. You try to help, but soon frustration mounts and homework becomes overwhelming for you and your child. Our experienced tutors, who are certified teachers, make learning interesting and engaging and take time to ensure that your child masters each concept before moving onto the next challenge. Let us help so that homework is not a daily struggle, and so that you can spend time with your child on other enjoyable activities.

During sessions, our tutors will not only help students with their current homework assignments, they will also teach test-taking strategies, memorization techniques, time-management, note-taking, and effective Internet research skills, so that ultimately your child will be able to manage homework on his or her own.

College Planning College Planning Topics
Choosing a college is one of life’s most important decisions.  While many think that planning for college is stressful, All Out Academics can help make the process a rewarding experience for your family.  All Out  will match your family with a knowledgeable professional who has years of experience helping students plan for college and will tailor your sessions according to your child’s age (grades 8-12) and your family’s needs. High School Course Selection
Standardized Testing
Summer Activities and Internships
Scholarships and Financial Aid
Student Resumes
Collegiate Sports
School Selection
Application Review
Time Management
Planning for Freshman Year in College
College Visits


Tutoring can be scheduled At the All Out Training Facility. Our office is conveniently located one mile from the Florida Turnpike, and less than 5 miles from I-95. 1951 SW South Macedo Blvd. Port Saint Lucie Fl, 34984.

About Our Academic Coaches
All Out Academic Coaches are truly in a league of their own.  They are all certified teachers who are skilled in their subject areas and knowledgeable in curriculum goals and testing expectations.  Our tutors tailor their lessons based on your child’s unique needs. Additionally, many have completed Master’s degrees, been recognized with peer awards such as Teacher of the Year. As a result, All Out Academic Coaches excel at what they do.  They not only clearly explain subject matter, they also encourage, coach, challenge, and provide timely feedback to students and their parents.

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